Friday, November 4, 2016

November at Stone Mountain

   Went up to Stone Mountain for some fall trout fishing. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with the temperature near 80 degrees. Wednesday the 2nd started off a little slow with a few rises here and there, then near two o'clock the trout started to to get a little hungry and I was into five fish one after the other. One fish in particular was very interesting, it was striking in coloration and had a "hooked" jaw, like a spawning salmon. Jerry, fishing mostly below the surface wasn't doing well until later in the day, when he caught two fish and missed a few.  Dinner as usual spaghetti, with meat sauce and crashing exhausted 'til morning. Thursday started off a little cloudy, but still really mild for 3rd of November. We continued fishing until about 2:00 then started for home. We were able to get gas pretty quickly, and the drive was all in daylight,
     This  photo is not the best shot, of this fish. He was about 12 " in length and had striking coloration, you can see the brightness on his belly. The one thing I never saw before fishing this river was the hooked jaw on this Brookie.

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