Friday, January 27, 2017

Getting Ready For The Coming Trout Season.

    The weather has been so very nice, although it's still January my mind has wandered to trout fishing. I started to check out my gear and decided to add to my fly collection, particularly in the midge department. I found some videos on YouTube that talked about midges being on the trout's menu even in the winter months. I started tying some Griffith Gnats, some beatles, A few Adams' and a few Lady Heathers. This sort of expanded to ordering a 6 wt. double taper floating line and some other things from the web.  Tying the small flies was a problem prior to watching that YouTube video, I used to whip finish the head of the fly and try to carefully use head cement on the knot trying to be careful and not block the fly eye with head cement. The gentleman in the instructional video said that he whip finished the head twice firmly binding the fly and not needing head cement. I've been doing just that and feel confident that that will be more than sufficient.