Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fishing Stone Mountain and the Mitchell River,

Tuesday,6th of May and my friend and I are fishing the Roaring River in Stone Mountain. On the drive up I kept thinking I forgot something. I did, I forgot my wading staff. We strung up at the Church Pool. We were catching trout by 12:20. This was a lot different from the last trip.Jerry was fishihg a Woolly-bugger, I was doing well with a Griffith's Gnat.At the days end we got a spaghetti dinner. and crashed. Wednesday, 7th of May we went to the Mitchell River in Mountain Park. We continued to catch fish pretty much at every pool we fished. At a bit after noon I slipped wading and fell forwards damn near breaking my pole. I got really soaked, my hip boots filled with water and I could hardly get out of the stream.The pole was saved,I remembered My friend Wendell Niemann saying when you fall like that.... "SAVE the POLE"! All in all, it was a good trip.