Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Wood Spirit for The Come Out and Play Show

This Wood Spirit has a special accommodation built into it's beard. Namely a small studio apartment for the likes of a Carolina Wren. It was created for Come Out and Play.
"Come Out and Play"is a wonderful gathering of artists and their works that is hosted by Debbie Meyer and Eric Brantley and Beckett.
The following link describes the show and the directions on how to get there:

Friday, August 21, 2009

She's Virtually Finished

She's virtually finished, at least in the big areas. What's left is filling in the small holes created by moving the pieces of fringe trying to get them to look their best. I just remembered there's a little fringe need on one of her boots. A dry brush with a little burnt umber will enhance the shadows. Her little "Medicine Bag"has a small stone from Mandan country.and big spiritual medicine in the form of some hair from a Dakota Buffalo. Both the stone and the buffalo hair were gifted to provide power to the piece. They are authentic and precious I'm grateful to be able to put them in her medicine bag. Such a bag would probably not be on display, but rather hidden beneath or in the clothing of the wearer. Since the contents would be spiritually very important to the individual and revealed to the subject after long hours of praying and fasting to a produce a near hallucinatory state. The little bits of animals or plants associated with this trance, make up the contents. The ladies , even the Indian culture, as ladies everywhere seem to carry, a little purse. These are usually beaded and may even have teeny bells, so they "jingle". This little bag is decorated with the Turtle motif.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Cowrie Shells Have Been Added

The belt has been completed, the cowrie shells have been added. Next more fringe and a "Medicine Bag" must be fabricated and set in place. The final touches will be with a paint brush. re-painting the areas marred by epoxy filler near the belt-line. and the brass tacks used to hang the cowrie shells. The very last finishing touches will add shadows where needed and gloss to her hair.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Beading is Nearly Completed

The beading was done as short sections of different lengths to be inserted into the neck area as to give the impression of them being continuous strands encircling the neck. First small pieces of double stick tape was used to hold each individual strand in place. Plumber's epoxy was then pressed through the beads and in the neck area so as to secure the bead work in place. I used the 15 minute epoxy putty since I wasn't sure of how this would work out. Luckily, things went very well and there was time to spare for fine tuning the drape of the beads.
One of the most attractive aspects of the Mandan women was a genetic trait of patches of gray hair which commonly occurred throughout the population. The men didn't care for it so they colored it, Catlin says, the ladies took great pleasure in its look, I do too.
Adding some fringe and cowrie shells are the next steps in the adornment of this Maiden's dress.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Copper Leafing is Completed

The copper leaf has been added. The next step is the bead work around the neck, the treatment of the sleeves and the addition of a medicine bag or purse. I have a book on the way that will help me out with her dress and how to handle designs on her dress.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buckskin Fringe is Added to Sleeves and Hem

An old chamois is used to make a fringe for her dress. Down her sleeves and around the hem of the dress. I'm not sure whether to glue it in place or use some very fine brass or copper brads. The glue could get a little messy, so I'm going to try the brad route first. Now the problem is finding the right brads.