Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Zip Line in the Jungle

Well, here we are in Costa Rica ready to do what is known as the "Zip line". A cable stretched tight from tree to tree and a pulley connected to the cable and and to a harness which we wore. Then next thing you know is that you're flying through the canopy of the trees. I thought Jane would freak out being so high in the trees, but she didn't. The ride was fantastic, on certain runs you could really zoom, others were milder. The guys that run these rides were very sure of themselves and inspired a lot of confidence. We returned home on the 11th. I never saw so many birds, birds I thought I'd only see at sea, like the Frigate Bird. We saw Toucans, Macaws, all sorts of Hummingbirds, the place was alive with birds. I can certainly see why my friend Phil D comes down this way with his birding groups. I'm a little beat from the trip and resting up for a few days then I'm interested in doing some serious carving.