Thursday, October 27, 2016

First Fall Fly Fishing in Stone Mountain.

13 October 16   We arrived at the Church Pool after 10:00AM the visible trout were holding to the bottom totally disinterested in our offerings. After awhile we headed for the "Magic Pool". I planted myself just downstream from to footbridge. It took three casts to straighten things out and hook into a nice trout. Micheal's rod, which is longer than my old rod casted beautifully. The trout had hit the dropper, a size 22 Griffin's Gnat and slipped off the hook. From that point on the trout were very cooperative. Without hardly moving my position I caught 11 beautiful Browns. I tried to film them being caught and of course released. Jerry was fishing a Woolly-Bugger and a Copper John, but wasn't doing that well. The weather was grand and we fished all the afternoon. Had the usual spaghetti dinner and fell asleep without a thought about T.V. Next morning, 14Oct16, after coffee and cereal we got back to the river. Jerry picked up two nice fish near the pool with the big rock near the end of the park road. All in all, it was a great trip, though starting out for home a little late forced driving in the dark and catching the rush hour traffic.

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